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COVID-19 vaccine may never be found, warns UK’s PM Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson - Naijazee

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a COVID-19 survivor, has opined that a vaccine or drug-based treatment is the only feasible long-term solution for the highly contagious disease. But he also warned that a mass vaccine for

the novel coronavirus may take over a year to come and may in fact never be found.

The UK government releases a new 50-page guidance regarding the relaxations of the lockdown measures, which is being imposed to control the spread of the deadly virus. In it

In his foreword to the guidance, the UK prime minister highlighted the work being done by scientists at Oxford University and Imperial College London towards finding a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19. But Johnson warned that a mass vaccine or treatment may be more than a year away and in a worst-case scenario, it may never be found. “So our plan must countenance a situation where we are in this, together, for the long haul, even while doing all we can to avoid that outcome,” he said.

However, at the same time, he also admitted that a vaccine or drug-based treatment is the only feasible long-term solution to COVID-19 pandemic. Johnson said that his country is working aggressively towards this mission. He cited the collaboration between Oxford University and pharma major AstraZeneca as a vital step among the promising vaccine development programmes.

As part of global efforts in fight against the pandemic, the UK prime minister had announced 388 million pound in aid funding for research into vaccines, tests and treatment.

According to the UK government’s new guidance, lockdown restrictions will be lifted in phases from this week. Britain is one of the worst-hit countries, with the government officially confirming more than 32,065 deaths due to COVID-19. Mention may be made that Johnson himself had been diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 26. He was discharged from a hospital on April 12.
UK at the forefront in the global search for COVID-19 vaccine

Scientists around the world are in race against time to find a vaccine for the deadly COVID-19. Several vaccine candidates are under development in many countries and a few have reached clinical trials. The UK is believed to be at the forefront in the global search for a vaccine. The country last month announced a 20 million pounds funding for a University of Oxford project working on developing a vaccine against the novel coronavirus. The vaccine, called ChAdOX1, has already began human trials.

Scientists at the University of Oxford claimed that their COVID-19 vaccine candidate would be available by September. Lead researcher Professor Sarah Gilbert is very confident that their vaccine can successfully work against SARS-CoV-2. They have also promised one million doses of the vaccine by September.

The UK government is also investing another 22.5 million pounds for a project at Imperial College London on COVID-19 vaccine.

In another study, a team of scientists and clinicians from the University of Oxford is using camostat tablets and nafamostat, the drugs used to treat pancreatitis, to fight the virus.

According to the team, these drugs could prevent coronavirus infection as well as treat those who are already infected. They said unlike most drug trials that focused on reducing the impact of the virus in the body, camostat and nafamostat can block the virus’s pathway into lung cells.

Last month, they had announced plans to begin trials of camostat on patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. A COVID-19 vaccine may not arrive anytime soon, but these drugs if found effective and safe could be used immediately, the researchers said.

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