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Update: Benue COVID-19 index case, Susan Idoko Okpe, finally released from Isolation after 58 days

After 58 days of being in Isolation, Susan Idoko Okpe, the Benue COVID-19 index case, has finally been released.

Susan Idoko-Okpe is a UK returnee and the Benue Coronavirus index case who has vehemently accused the Benue State Government and indeed, the NCDC of wrongly keeping her against her wish on the pretext of been a COVID-19 patient.

Her daughter who shared the news on social media, said her mother was released on Wednesday evening, May 20.

Okpe had been in a running battle with the Federal government and the NCDC shortly after she was reported to have tested positive for the novel Coronavirus and moved into an Isolation center, first in Benue, and then in Abuja. All along, she had maintained that wasn't ill.


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