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Trump Placed Money Above Americans Health – Cardi B

US rapper, Cardi B, has accused President Donald Trump’s Government of placing money and capitalism above the health of Americans.

According to her, she feels that the US government placed capitalism above health and instead of the Trump administration apologizing for the blunder it has caused, nothing of that kind was being done.

That, she says, is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic in the US.

More than 600,000 people have been infected by coronavirus in the US, with over 22,000 deaths.

Cardi B in a video conversation over the coronavirus situation in the US observed that had the US Government closed its doors on China as it did to West Africa during the Ebola virus, the crisis in the US would have probably been avoided.

She explained that “When Coronavirus was becoming trendy in America… a lot of people felt like it would’ve been racist or prejudice to close the borders from China to America.”

She added that “How come it wasn’t prejudice when America closed the borders in West Africa when the Ebola virus was around?

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