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#SurulereUnrest trends as residents report of multiple gunshots and attacks that has lasted hours; Police deploys patrol team

The police have deployed officers to Coker Aguda following reports of attacks and shootings in the area.

The attack comes after Surulere residents received a letter from the dreaded robbery gang "One Million Boys" informing them that they were coming to rob them.

Some residents of Aguda and Ijesha took to Twitter to raise alarm, claiming an attack has been going on in the area for hours.

Some claimed there were multiple gunshots. Others claimed it's a face-off between police and the notorious gang.

"Aguda Surulere has been n fire since afternoon. They've been robbing,shooting and killing eachother. Police and those notorious boys has been doing face off, I dont think the gunshots are ending anytime soon," @Maami_Chulo tweeted.

However, some Twitter users living in the area claimed it's "fake news", adding that the area is calm.

The police have now deployed a team to quell the unrest and guard the area.

Sharing photos of police patrolling the area, the Lagos State Police Command tweeted: "Police officers from RRS and divisions around Area C are presently at Coker Aguda to quell the unrest caused by miscreants in that area. Heavy patrols and combing of inner streets are also being carried out to fish out the perpatrators.

"Residents are advised to remain calm as the situation is under control."


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