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Jamal Murray, Nuggets Player Announces Instagram Account Was Hacked After Posting Explicit Video

While the NBA remains in indefinite hiatus, players are trying to find ways to remain entertained while quarantined. It’s not different for fans and people often get bored, which leads to some actions that aren’t the best for third parties. That appears to be the case with Jamal Murray and his Instagram account, which was reportedly hacked

The Denver Nuggets star saw how a sex tape was uploaded on his Instagram account on early Sunday. The video, though, was deleted shortly after his publication.

However, that wasn’t the end of it, as Murray’s story was full of bizarre posts. In the end, the point guard revealed his account had been hacked, as he was ‘working on the issue’.

His girlfriend also sent a message to whoever was doing this, asking them and any other person who had the video to delete it.

This is a very bad situation for Murray, but this won’t be the last time this is going to happen. Fortunately, he’s solving his problem and everything will be back to normal. The NBA is suspended and this is not the type of news we want to see while the league returns.

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