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5 Proven Sexual Positions that Can Make You Get Pregnant Faster

For most couples who get married, having a child is the next course on the agenda as a child is believed to bring happiness and fulfilment to a home. 

However, some couples do not achieve this desire for a long time due to one reason or the other.
While one or more health factors might be the reason for a couple not conceiving, other non health-related factors that can also keep a couple from conceiving is the sexual position engaged in.
Every month, a woman releases a mature egg from one of her ovaries which survives for just 24 hours. If this egg doesn't get fertilized during this time it dies and gets expelled from the body.

Every women has just 25% chance of conceiving each month and the more you carry out actions believed to aid conception, the better your chances of conceiving each month.

It might seem like a myth, but research has discovered that certain factors might prevent a sperm from getting to the egg in a woman.

It is believed that every sexual position that works with gravity can boost your chances of conceiving. This simply means that any position that sees a woman standing upright during the act, will increase the likelihood of the sperms swimming right back out of her.

This does not in any way mean these upright positions can't result in pregnancy taking place, it simply means your chances increase somewhat with horizontal positions.

That said, here are:

5 Sexual Positions that Can Make You Get Pregnant Faster

The following are positions that can boost your chances of conceiving:

1. Missionary style

2. Spooning

3. Anvil

4. Legs in the air

5. Magic mountain

6. Reverse cowgirl ( for women with inverted wombs)

7. Scissors

8. Leg on the shoulder

9. Doggy

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