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RCCG Pastor, Gabriel Olufemi Diya and Children Laid To Rest In London (photos)

Dressed in a black and white plaid jacket with black skirt, hat and bag, the sight and carriage of Pastor Mrs. Olubunmi Diya of the Redeemed Christian Church of God gives out nothing about the magnitude of her loss and deep seated un-quantifiable pain buried in her heart as she walks into the London New Wine Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, venue of the funeral service for her late husband Pastor Gabriel Diya, 52, and her two cute and adorable children, Praise Emmanuel Diya 16, and Comfort Diya 9.

The Late Pastor and his children died in a swimming pool accident while on a family vacation on December 24 2019 at a resort in Spain. No wife and mother on earth will today envy Pastor Olubunmi Diya as she bids her loved ones a final goodbye till the day of resurrection.

This was a funeral service which turned out to be show of absolute faith on the part of Mrs. Diya, who courted no sympathy but challenged others to learn to live by faith when turbulent storm of life rages. In the farewell service which was well attended by family, friends and the Nigerian community and members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in the United Kingdom, it was proved that no amount of words, love and encomium showered on the departed souls could bring them back again to the family, church, friends and community that has professed so much love to them.

 No mother ever wakes up to think of a day when she bids farewell to the children she carried in her womb for nine months, the ones she would readily and gladly laid her life down for, loved and nurtured with everything she has , to sit and watch the funeral service of the ones she brought into the world. To Pastor Mrs. Olubunmi Diya, her pains and sorrow are being felt and shared by many.

How does one begin to grieve and come to the terms with the unexpected demise of a love one, and in Pastor Olubunmi Diya’s case, not just one loss but three beautiful lives was blown out like a candle in the wind at the same time. It’s indeed a pathetic situation and a very strange omen.

At the funeral, mourners who came from all walks of life, all had one of two things to say in commiseration to the bereaved woman. As said by one of them, “Faith comes into play at this crucial time in bringing some measure of closure to this sad episode. This is the time the church has to support the bereaved with constant love and counseling on building her life back. She needs the shoulders of every well-meaning member of her immediate community, family and friends to lean on as she picks up the piece of shattered dreams of her loved ones and live the life they would have wanted of her.”

Though, the departed souls died untimely, majority beliefs that, they have gone to rest in the right hand of their creator. May God grant them eternity.

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