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Muslim man who left his convert wife to die on their bathroom floor for five days appeals his eight-year jail sentence.(Photos)

A Muslim man who left his wife to die for five days after a horrific attack likened to an 'Islamic honour killing' believes he should not have to serve eight years for his crimes.

Mohamed Naddaf will face Victoria's Court of Appeal - and his dead wife's mother - next month when he challenges the severity of that jail term.

Naddaf's wife Ashlee Brown was found in the passenger seat of the family car after enduring a 'deliberate and frenzied assault' which included being tied up with clothesline wire.

The 25-year-old mother of three children aged under five had been bashed, stabbed, gagged and had her long strawberry blonde hair cut off.

Her 37-year-old husband told police he found Ashlee in that state and chose to 'care' for her in their house at Craigieburn in Melbourne 's north rather than calling for help.

Naddaf had helped his wife into their bathroom, put her down on a flannelette sheet on the floor and fed her water through a syringe for five days.

He set up a television and heater and brought Ashlee a pillow as he tended to her wounds in what a court heard was their 'unkempt and dirty' home.

Naddaf finally called emergency services after Ashlee died on November 6, 2016 from complications arising from more than 100 injuries.

Ashlee's mother Siobhann believes her daughter's injuries and the circumstances of her death had 'all the hallmarks of an Islamic honour killing.'

Ms Brown describes Naddaf's appeal as a slap in the face for her family, who may never know what really happened to Ashlee. It is not suggested Naddaf was involved in the attack on his wife.

Mohamed Naddaf was sentenced to eight years' jail for the criminally negligent manslaughter of his wife Ashlee Brown in their Melbourne home. Ashlee had suffered more than 100 injuries. Naddaf is now appealing against the severity of that sentence in Victoria's Court of Appeal.

Siobhann Brown (pictured) had not heard from her eldest daughter Ashlee for five years when she learnt of her death. Ashlee had called to say she was converting to Islam to get married. Ms Brown believes her daughter's death had 'all the hallmarks of an Islamic honour killing'

Ashlee Brown and Mohamed Naddaf (both pictured) lived together in Melbourne's northern suburbs. Ashlee was 25 when she was found dead on the bathroom floor of the couple's home

Ms Brown said Naddaf had only been found responsible for not having called an ambulance for Ashlee and no one had ever been convicted of inflicting her injuries.

'The knowledge that Mohamed could have called for help and saved Ashlee's life but chose not to do so clearly should show how cold he really is,' Ms Brown said.

A post-mortem examination found Ashlee had suffered injuries to her head, torso, buttocks and limbs. She had been stabbed in the thighs and had bruising to her right side, including her breast.

Naddaf, who was trying to resuscitate Ashlee in front of their two-year-old daughter when paramedics arrived, told police: 'I honestly didn't think she was going to die.'

He pleaded guilty to criminally negligent manslaughter and was sentenced in July 2018 to a minimum eight years in jail.

Naddaf indicated last year he intended appealing against the severity of that sentence and the case has now been set down for hearing by three judges of Victoria's Court of Appeal.

Ms Brown, who describes Naddaf's appeal as 'Mohamed's pity him day' says she will turn up to the hearing 'with bells on'.

'We still do not know exactly what happened to our Ashlee,' Ms Brown said. 'Nobody was ever charged with her murder.

''What Ashlee must have felt and endured is beyond anything anybody should ever have to go through but she did.'

Ms Brown said Ashlee would have turned 29 on January 23.

'It is one thing to have to live through the nightmare of Ashlee's passing with no trial, no murder charge, but now the law allows him to appeal his sentence as he feels it is too excessive,' she said.

'Where is our Ashlee's appeal? Where is the reasoning? There isn't any.

'That is like slapping Ashlee's family’s face and then laughing at us. That's how I feel.

'I can only hold fast and have faith that justice will prevail and he stays inside to carry out his entire sentence.'

The Supreme Court heard Naddaf found his wife covered in blood from 'head to toe' but Justice John Champion found there was 'no explanation as to how and in whose hands she was treated so brutally.'

Naddaf told detectives his wife had asked him not to call for help and he had warned her 'you're gonna die baby, you're gonna die.'

Justice Champion said Naddaf's response was 'pathetically weak' and showed a 'gross lack of respect' for his wife.

He did not accept Naddaf's claim that Ashlee asked him not to call for help in case their three children were taken by authorities.

'All that was required was a phone call,' Justice Champion said. 'Her death was slow, avoidable and miserable.'

Police initially charged Naddaf with assault and false imprisonment. They later accused him of killing his wife, but then prosecutors withdrew the charges and agreed to let him plead guilty to manslaughter.


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