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Meet Onimsi, The Nigerian Man Whose Wife Just Confessed To Cheating On Him Just Before They Married (photos)

Did Onimsi deserve this public show of shame? Did he ask for it? Was his wife trying to punish him? Is he the 'submissive' one in the marriage? What should he do now? How does he cover his shame?

These are some of the questions that probably ran through your minds today depending on what marriage school of thought you belong to.

If you are unaware of the story, Twitter user Olasubomi today while celebrating her 2nd year anniversary with her husband Onimsi, revealed how he forgave her inspite of her cheating and went on to marry her. She went on to talk about how loving and caring he is praying for children's and wealth to be his portion.

However after the backlash that came from the post a few hours later Sunomi tweeted curses at Twitter users that escalated the stories confessing that now she may being Onimsi her husband.

Caption below:


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