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Mark Gretton: Liverpool fan gets 'Premier League Champions' tattoo with 13 games

Mark Gretton, a confident Liverpool fan, has gotten Premier League Champions tattoo even with 13 games left to play this season - Gretton says Liverpool has got to win the league now after a 30-year wait and he doesn't regret getting a tattoo one bit - Liverpool have a 22-point lead over defending champions Man City Mark Gretton, a Liverpool fan, is confident his club will be crowned league champions at the end of this season and has already gotten a tattoo that reads 'Premier League Champions 2019/20'. Liverpool have a 22-point lead over Man City and Gretton believes its game over despite 13 league games left to play in the season

"They've got to win it now, surely. I don't regret it one bit, I'm embracing it, I love it." 
"My wife doesn't realise the league doesn't end until May, she think it's finished now! 
"I've had digs from Chelsea fans in work, but it's just jealousy. 
"I get to games at Anfield when I can, I love the city and the banter.
 "I started supporting Liverpool during the Kevin Keegan and John Toshack era, when I was aged about eight. 
"I've had lots of people telling me I've had the tattoo too early, and what will I do if it goes wrong? 
"I guess I'll run for the hills if that happens. "But I'm confident it's game over, it's got to be. "Liverpool fans can be very pessimistic, but we need to savour this.

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