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#JusticeForChima yields results, as 4 Police officers involved in the murder have been detained

A couple of weeks ago, Nigerians took to social media on this hash tag #JusticeForChima , to express outrage over the murder of an innocent mechanic, Ikwunado Chima, in Port Harcourt; who died in Port Harcourt State CID after being tortured for several days over a crime he did not commit.

It was alleged that a customer took his car to Chima's shop for repairs, and after repairs Chima took the car for a test run on the streets of Port Harcourt, where he was arrested by corrupt Police officers on patrol who accused him of stealing the vehicle.

Chima andfour of  his colleagues/friends tried to prove their innocence, but the officers weren't having any of that because they found some cash in their pockets, which they insisted on keeping.

While Chima was in detention after his arrest on that day, the owner of the car found out what transpired and went to the police station to identify his vehicle and prove that it was never stolen by Chima, but still the officers kept him in detention. They tortured Chima and his friends to extract a false statement that will implicate them until Chima died in Police detention.

A Nigerian close to the victim took to twitter and narrated the story, which caused a widespread outrage and demand for Justice for the murder of Chima.

On February 3rd, 2020, the police in Port Harcourt disclosed that the officers that were involved in the illegal operation and murder of Chima have been arrested and detained.

 As of time of filing this report, the Police has not revealed their identities, but we will stay on the case until Justice is done.

We hope they are arraigned sooner, to deter other corrupt officers.

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