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How Yahoo Boys Murdered Aso Rock Assistant Director, Ms. Dagan Laetitia Naankang (photos)

More information emerged yesterday on what led to the death of Ms. Dagan Laetitia Naankang, an Assistant Director, Administration at the State House, Abuja, who was murdered on Monday night in her apartment by yet-to-be identified killers.

Naankang, aged 47, it was learnt was gruesomely murdered by some criminals also known as ‘Yahoo boys’. It was gathered that the deceased discovered that her neighbourhood in Lokogoma area of Abuja was populated by ‘Yahoo boys,’ making her uncomfortable in the vicinity.

The development also prompted her to confide in her close friends the plans to relocate. It was also learnt that out of concern for her safety, she opted to report them to the police.

However, it was learnt that the police, rather than take advantage of the report and ensure that the wrath of the law took its full course, later freed the suspects.

The information was allegedly leaked by police operatives to the assailants, who it was learnt, later resolved to take their pound of flesh on Naankang for reporting them to the police.

The assailants, who on a revenge mission, resolved to subject Naankang to the agony of slow death. She was said to have first been tied in her apartment where she lived alone and subjected her to all manners of indecent acts before strangulating her to death and setting the body ablaze.

It was further leant that her gateman who was suspected to be an accomplice in the gory event have been arrested by security operatives and already provided useful information that could help in tracking the killers.

Also, one of the killers took their victim’s mobile telephone, having mistaken it for his and left his own telephone at the crime scene.

The deceased, who hailed from Plateau State, according to a statement by Deputy Director, Information, Mr. Attah Esa, on Tuesday, worked in her State House office on Monday till 8:00p.m. only to be gruesomely murdered in her apartment at 11:00p.m. by unknown persons.

It is believed that the telephone will also assist the police in tracking down the killers.

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