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End of the World Prophecies

Christianity and Revelations

The book of Revelations the last in the bible has long caused controversy and debate as it deals with the second coming of Christ and final end of the World, though often cryptic and difficult to understand and interpret.

Jesus specifically states you may not know the day or hour (Matthew 25) and many denominations do not emphasise the apocalypse and it is rarely preached on in services.

However in Matthew 24 Jesus states specific things, which will happen before the end.

These include War, Famine, Earthquake, Persecution, Lawlessness and False Prophets and a hardening of hearts.

Though he also says his great commission to spread the Gospel to the whole world will be complete by the time the end comes.

Revelation 13 says an antichrist will usher in the last days. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Angels will gather believers from all four corners of the world and will join Christ above.

This is known as the Rapture and according to
Revelations 20 this will be the start of Christ�s thousand year reign on Earth.

Matthew 24 says Jesus will come again in Glory and all believers will join Christ in Heaven.

Different denominations often have different ideas of the end of the world but the essential core Christian belief is that those who accept Jesus as their saviour will join God in Heaven either upon death or the ending of the world.

Another core belief is the second coming of Jesus and a reign of Glory before the world ends.

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