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American TV Presenter, Carol Angela , Reveals The Reason Why Trump Included Nigeria In The Ban List

Just barely over a week ago, the United States President Donald Trump recently placed Nigeria on a travel and visa ban list.

The ban, which is one of the US President's signature policies, was not only targeted at Nigeria but also at five other countries as they were restricted from obtaining certain types of visas.

An American TV Presenter, Carol Angela Davies, has unraveled the reason Trump included Nigeria in the ban.
In a viral video shared by the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, she was of the opinion that Nigerians have no merit but she kept reeling out statistics showing the superiority of Nigerians in the United States. She admitted that Nigerians were the most educated people in the United States.

Here is what Carol said:

"It is the African country with the most migrants in the United States. 4% of Nigerians hold a Ph.D. compared to 1% of the US population. 17% of Nigerians own a Master's degrees and 37% have a bachelor's degree. Nigerian are the most educated people in the United States," she revealed. She also added that more than 70% of black doctors in the United States were of Nigerian decent."


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