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Trump Impeachment: US Senate set to acquit Donald Trump of all impeachment charges

The US Senate could reportedly acquit President Donald Trump of impeachment charges as early as Friday. It is understood that all Democrats efforts to call trial witnesses appeared to have fallen short, handing Trump a decisive political victory heading into a tough re-election fight.

Democrats have four more hours of debate to try and convince Republicans to agree to subpoena former White House national security advisor John Bolton, who would likely testify in support of the abuse-of-power charge against the US leader.

But after a key Republican senator, Lamar Alexander, announced late Thursday that he would oppose witnesses, Democratic prosecutors from the House appeared lacking support to overcome the 53-47 Republican majority in the Senate.

Trump was impeached by the Democratic-majority House of Representatives on December 18, he is also accused of obstructing the Congressional probe into the scheme by blocking subpoenaed witnesses and documents

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