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TRAGIC! Serving Corps member Commits Suicide, Leaves heart-touching Note For Parents (photos)

A Young lady took her life suddenly by committing Suicide.
A facebook user, one Olisemeka Sony, has posted on his facebook page the tragic death of a Corps member who reportedly drank the deadly Sniper and killed herself, leaving a suicide note for her family members.

Olisemeka called the name of the corper as Princess Femi Mutoraya, a beautiful damsel. He said she ended her life after consuming two bottles of the poisonous sniper.

He said Mutoraya was a graduate of Banking and Finance from Kogi State University. She wrote in her suicide note: “life is not worth living’ and wishing her parents and siblings farewell before taking the deadly sniper.

Olisemeka added that it is not yet clear what led to the charming young girl killing herself.

Read the full post made by Olisemeka Sony on his page

Tragic end to a promising life...

“Princess Femi Mutoraya, a beautiful damsel and a serving National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member has ended her life after consuming two bottles of poisonous coctail called sniper.

“The graduate of Banking and Finance, kogi State University wrote in her suicide note that 'life is not worth living' and wishing her parents and sibling farewell before taking the deadly portion.

“It's not yet clear what led the charming young girl to suicide but the truth remains that she gave up too soon and took the wrong decision. At that point you thought you had met the dark end, light appears out of nowhere.

 “May nothing make you hate yourself and your life. Suicide is the worst thing anybody can do to oneself because you are not the creator and owner of your life and so, have no rights to terminate it.”


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