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PM of Russia, Medvedev Resigns After President Putin Proposes To Amend Constitution To Extend His Rule

There is a recent development in Russian political circles as the government announces move to resign. Hours ago, President Putin together with the prime minister of Russia, Medvedev made this announcement in a press briefing.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been in power close to two decades. He served as the Prime Minister of Russia before switching to the topmost position as president.

The current Russian Prime Minister and its entire government resigned early hours of Wednesday as part of sweeping constitutional changes, a move to give President Putin the mandate to extend his term.

In a state of annual nation speech, president Putin reveals he endorses changing the constitution to hand the state Duma, the lower house of parliament, the power to choose Russia’s prime minister including other necessary key positions.

Prime minister Medvedev said his government resigns immediately to pave way for president Putin to proceed with amendments to the constitution as he pleases.

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