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Nigerian Lady Recused In Lebanon Slavery Says Her Waist-beads Saved Her from Rape

At the point when I purchased my waist-beads somewhere in the range of two years ago, I did so due to fashion. However, do you realize that the globules in the long run spared me from the hands of the individuals who attracted me to the far Lebanon for slavery related undertakings?"

That was one of the stories of 33-year-old Gloria Tayelolu Bright, an Eruku-conceived woman in Ekiti Council of Kwara State, who was as of late safeguarded from bondage in far away Lebanon.

Gloria, a single parent of two kids, a kid and a young lady, had kept her arranged move to Lebanon mystery, figuring the excursion would land her a gold mine.

She revealed in Ilorin before being given over to officials of the National Agency for Prosecution of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) in Oshogbo, Osun State, on Thursday, that she had confused any travelling abroad with "instant wealth and Eldorado."

Because of the progressing examination of her case by the NAPTIP, which may inevitably snowball into a lawful firecracker at the fitting time, she said she would not, "for the time being," unveil certain data about her experiences to the press.

"I was connected up by a kindred who encouraged my development to Lebanon at some point in October a year ago. The individual dangled before me an encouraging activity of English language on the off chance that I would go, despite the fact that my scholastic capability is Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Accountancy.

"There was no nexus between what I read and what I was being offered, however the longing to travel abroad overpowered my feeling of thinking as at the time being referred to.

"The primary thing I saw on arriving was the nasty climate condition. The virus was such a great amount on my wellbeing that each time I hacked, I was hurling blood-recolored sputum with genuine chest torments. In addition, instead of accepting me to any school as an educator as arranged, I was oppressed into a house help work, getting water with substantial containers from a separation area into the story building condo I was housed in. I was working like a slave, doing a wide range of humble employments.

'"To worsen my circumstance, my boss began making advances towards me. I attempted everything I could to ward him off, however he would not yield. I needed to call him aside one day to tell him that no other man could lay down with me aside the one that gave me the midriff dab. He challenged me by soliciting me from the possible results of him having the illicit relationship with me, in spite of the rehashed alerts.

"I immediately revealed to him that such a man would run mad for six days and that on the seventh day, he would kick the bucket. That portrayal quieted him down briefly and it gave me a flitting murmur of alleviation. That was the means by which my midsection globules spared me from being assaulted. However, my life got hopeless and I needed to think about the exit from it, with the goal that I would not bite the dust in a weird land.

"I out of nowhere found that there was a Wi-Fi phone organize inside the house and that managed me the chance to send the video of my experiences that I learnt got viral. Simultaneously, the Phemic Life Support Foundation, situated in Ilorin, with office in Lagos and central station in London, acted the hero. I am glad to be home finally; there is no spot like sweet home.

"I need to caution different Nigerians who think abroad is a heaven to reconsider before setting out on a totally pointless pursuit."

Talking on the improvement, the Public Relations Officer of Kwara State Command of Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), Mr. A. O. Ayeni, disclosed to The Guardian in Ilorin that when the issue was accounted for to the state home office of the para-military body, the officials and men swooped energetically and instantly affected the capture of two out of the three chief suspects.

'"With the mandate of the Commandant, Mr. Bello Ale, our operational unit went without hesitation as right on time as 2:00am, prompting the capture at independent areas in Ilorin of a 66-year-old Lebanese, Wafic Hamze, and one Taofeek Sanusi, a legal advisor. Be that as it may, one Joseph is said to be on the loose as at today (yesterday), January 17.

"They are negligible suspects and have been given over to the NAPTIP in Oshogbo,'" said Ayeni.

The NSCDC representative revealed that his Command found around 27 records with the legal advisor containing dossiers of certain women in the state previously mapped out for excursions to Lebanon.

Despite the fact that Gloria looked solid at sight, sources said the NAPTIP may mastermind her intensive restorative checks to find out her actual condition of wellbeing and conceivable treatment.

She was in the end given over to Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRasak, who thusly gave her over to her folks before the intercession of NAPTIP for more examinations and likely arraignment.

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