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House Help Brutalizes 2 years old Girl, Pictures Goes Viral (photos)

Most times it has been the house helps brutally treated but now reverse is the case. If it not parents who abuse their kids, it is house helps who take out their anger on the innocent kids of their employers.

A sad picture is circulating on the internet. The kid in the picture is a 2 year old girl who has been brutalized by their house help.

Nneka Ann Onyekwelu, who happens to be the aunt of the poor kid shared a picture of the child, covered in blood and bandage on Facebook, narrating how it happened.

The househelp, pushed the little girl to the wall where she hit her head on the sharp edge of the wall whilst wearing her school uniform.

The cut on the head, made her bleed profusely and had to be rushed to the hospital for medical attention before it get worst. Wish the little girl quick recovery.

Caption below:


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