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SOTITOBIRE: Church Lawyer Says DSS Supports The Burning Of The Church.

Lawyer representing Sotitobire Praising Chapel, Ondo State, Akinyemi Omoware has blamed the Department For State Security Service (DSS) of fueling rumours that led to the burning of the church on December 18.

Irate youths on Wednesday burnt the church situated in the state capital, Akure, following dissent over a one-year-old boy Gold Kolawole who supposedly disappeared in the congregation premises November.

This prompted the arrest  of the church founder, Pastor Alfa Babatunde on December 10 by the DSS.

Omoware while speaking on Nigeria Info 99.3 Crossfire, affirmed that the DSS who are yet to authoritatively charge his client, spark he rumour that mobilized the youths who annihilated the congregation down.

As for the burndown of the church, it was a rumour geared by the DSS. The rumours spread  into the town that the DSS affirmed that the prophet has confessed.

The police have been researching this issue for around one month, no house was singed, no lives were lost, no property was harmed. Within one week of DSS investigation, keeping someone in detainment without access by counsel, halfway access, without charging him for any offense and giving bogus data to the open that prompted the burndown of the church.

The legal counselor likewise uncovered that the DSS has been sued for violating the human rights of his client saying they had no business arresting him from the start as it is a police matter.

However, Police Public Relations Officer, Ondo State, CSP Femi Joseph disclosed to reporters that he had no explanation for Prophet Babatunde being held by the DSS, he confirmed that police investigation are ongoing.

I am not the DSS person, I don't represent the DSS all I know is that without preference to what the DSS might be doing to him. That doesn't stop our investigation, we are proceeding with our investigation. So I believe that question will be better answered by the DSS.

I need to state that the very day that this incident occurred, the parent of the missing child didn't inform the police. It was the following day that the incident was reported . Obviously the parents of the missing child were not happy with the manner in which the church was dealing with the issue

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