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I Want To Love Again:Toni Payne

Former artiste manager and ex-wife of singer, 9ice, Toni Payne, recently took a stroll down memory lane as she review her experience when her Marriage broke up 10 years Ago. She wrote on Twitter, 10 years ago, I was put out on the streets, living in a friend’s hotel with a one-year-old child not knowing what next. 10 years later, we are both doing great, my Business is thriving and life is peachy. What doesn’t kill you truly makes you stronger. I’m always grateful. #myDecade.

Declining to portray how she felt during that period, Payne said that  all are in the past. The most significant thing is that I'm doing extraordinary.

 I'm not so much open to talking about the point since it is past.  I have an every day statements page and I have composed books on the issue for anybody experiencing whatever needs a touch of inspiration or motivation to overcome.

The proud mother who is found  of  uploading photos of her child, Zion on social media, depicted motherhood as a gift. She included, motherhood, as I know it accompanies a characteristic sense to think about and ensure one's child  are doing incredible. That has been my experience. Being a mother is astonishing. I have a super smart, adorable and funny son. There are no dull moments

On Zion's relationship with his dad, Payne stated, That is personal. It isn't in my place to talk about.

Stating that she was still open to love, the entertainment personality stated, Aren't we as a whole? I'm not like 90 years of age. Indeed, even 90-year-olds get love.

On the sort of man she loves, she stated,  Someone sincere and compassionate I'm a simple person. Having integrity is additionally imperative to me. Physical characteristics are relative. For whatever length of time that I discover him attractive, I'm good. I believe that attraction is tied to an individual's character. In the event that your character is great, you can be attractive to someone. I don't have a preference career wise. For whatever length of time that he is a good individual inside, I'm good.

Declining to affirm whether she is seeing someone or not, the former artiste manager stated, Possibly. Possibly not.

On what drives her, Payne stated, The ability to do what I do daily is where I draw my strength from.  I never take being able to wake up, get up and go hustling for granted.

Payne likewise expressed how she got into photography and artiste management. She stated, I studied Video Digital Art in school, so I've generally had extensive experience with visual arts. I think around 2005, I used to do beauty PR before going into music PR, then into management around 2009.

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