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Gunmen kidnap three children of Mr Obi in Kaduna state

This isn't the best time a Nigerian businessman Obi as his children were abducted on Thursday by unknown gunmen.

While speaking to reporters at his residence in Sabon Tasha, Kaduna, he said he saw the kidnappers wearing military uniforms in his house but then went into hiding.

The businessman noted that he had seen the gunmen take his three children to an unknown location but could not speak for fear of being killed or taken away.

The man, who has lived in Kaduna for more than 38 years, said the abducted children include; Jonathan (31), Joachim (28) and Benjamin (21).

“As soon as I saw them through my glass, I thought they were soldiers. I went to hide somewhere in my house but continued to follow in their footsteps. I saw them carrying my three children. I could not scream, but inside me, I was in tears and heartache, ”Mr Obi said.

I saw three men, two in military uniform and I heard them speak Hausa."

“They gained entrance by jumping on the fence. One of my friends noticed  when one of them jumped into the house, while another followed behind.

"They were going around the house looking for a way out but they failed."

"It was from the laundry room they jumped in and out of the house through a small door, and we all ran into the girls' room to hide."

“When they came in, Jonathan gave them everything. He gave them money and they took it, all with their phones but I found my secret, ”he said.

Kaduna State Police Spokesperson Jacob Sabo said he was aware of the situation).

“Yes, we are aware of the incident. I am working on the matter."


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