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Kim Kardashian West Reveals What Inspired Her New Fragrance.

In addition to her television series and her well-publicized personal life, Kim Kardashian West is famous for the clothing that she has designed for her store, Dash, and her fragrances. Here’s what inspired her newest fragrance.
The three Kardashian sisters have recently debuted a new set of perfumes called the KKW Fragrance Diamonds Collection. On Instagram, Kardashian West said each of the perfumes in the collection was inspired by the sisters’ personalities. She added “My scent is fresh and floral and becomes warmer as I wear it throughout the day…I can’t wait for you guys to smell how amazing these scents are!!!”
Kardashian West described the fragrance’s composition, saying “It has lots of tropical floral leaves and ylang oil. I love the smell of ylang-ylang.” Ylang-ylang is an essential oil extracted from a tropical tree found in countries like India, the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. According to Allure, the scent also includes sugar-coated ginger and wild armoise.

Even the bottles of the perfume were inspired by Kardashian West’s interests. The style icon said Tiffany & Co. paperweights inspired the look of the bottles. She wrote “I’ve always been obsessed with these Tiffany & Co. paper weights that I used to collect — they all come in different shapes, but I love the emerald cut. Now my daughter has them in her room. I thought if I did [a fragrance collaboration] with my sisters, it would be really cute to have a regular diamond, a pink diamond and a yellow diamond.”

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