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6 signs your friend is a husband snatcher

Are you wondering whether she intends to snatch your man? Never trust a friend who seems to be eyeing the man after your heart. You never know her plans. Do not sit back and watch when she is making moves towards him. These are 7 signs she’s a man stealer.

She constantly calls your man
 It is not a crime for your friend to call your man. However, she should not be calling him every day. What is planning if she is ever calling your man? There are chances she wants to snatch him from you.

2. She an attention seeker
Why would your friend seek the attention of your man? An attention will do everything within her means to get your man talking about her. She can even choose to ignore you when you are with him just to get his attention.

3. She talks about him most of the times
 You might be too blind to notice that she wants your man when she keeps talking about him. A snatcher will never miss to talk about your man. She will ask about his whereabouts just to keep in touch with your love life.

4. She backstabs her friends
 Is your friend fond of talking about her friends? Has she ever snatched a woman from someone before? Well, be careful she might be planning the same for you.

5. She’s very touchy 
When your friends becomes too touchy be careful with her. A good friend respects boundaries. She should keep some distance away from your man.

6. She has no problem dating married men
 A friend who has no problem dating men who are already married is dangerous. Such a friend is likely to snatch your man in a matter of days. She knows the tactics she can use to lure him to her side.


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